Is Option Robot safe?

Option Robot in a new, binary options auto-trading platform. Which caught our eye. We loved the look of this trading platform instantly. So we thought we would investigate Option Robot more and see if its as good as it looks.


Option Robots landing page instantly stands out from most other products on the market at the moment. It has none of the usual tell tale scam signs.

At the top of the Option Robot homepage, is a tab with a full list of Option Robot compatible brokers, and a small review about each broker. Including minimum deposits, which currencies are accepted and much more.

This is a great feature and I really don’t know why other trading platforms don’t do this.

Another reason we liked Option robot was the fact we can select which broker you want to open an account with. Instead of being allocated a broker account automatically. Being able to do a bit of reading on your chosen brokers makes me feel much better about investing with Option Robot and I haven’t even got in to the software yet!


Register with Option Robot in this link and you instantly get rewarded with a $1000 demo account, allowing you to test the system out first before you enter any card details.

We decided to let the demo run for a while, and activated the demo mode.

Option Robot trading platform looks nicely laid out. 4 boxes consist of you account details, live trades, past trades, and the Auto trade button.

Option Robots user settings allows you to customize how the software trades. The choice of trading options would give many of the top manual trading platforms a run for their money. This is why Option Robot is worldwide acepted including USA


After register, you must to choose if you want to continue with real or demo money.

After this all you need to do is click the auto trade button below

This is all you need to do to trade with Option Robot. But if you want personalize you have soo many features, check all the trading methods in Settings menu:

Trading methods

The shear level of control you have over how the software works for you is unreal.

  1. Choose expiry times between 60 seconds trades to 5 minute trades
  2. Use any combination of trading method from Classic, Martingale or Fibonacci method.
  3. Choose one or more strategies (the transaction will be executed only when the signal meet all selected strategies). Option Robot have available the most effective strategies today: MACD, trend, RSI, CCI, Stoch,% R (Williams indicator). You don't need to study any of them, Option Robot automatically operates your account using any of these strategies.

Trading pairs

The shear level of control you have over how the software works for you is unreal.

  1. Control trade amount from $5 to $500
  2. Maximum simultaneous trades from 1 to 8.
  3. Choose the currency you want to trade

we recomend you use the setup above, but you must make your own tests, and choose you own best setup.

Other great Option Robot feature is that it's only take trades when you are in front of computer or mobile. Only in front of your eyes! So you willn't have any bad surprice in see the next day your account wiped out. If you see more than 3 losses consecutive we sugest to stop and start next day. And all money account is 100% yours, you can take the money anytime you want (check information about withdraw below)


Activating Option Robot demo mode, and instantly the software placed several trades for me.

I had all currency pairs selected. Classic trading method, $5 trade amount, 60-second expiry and 8 simultaneous trades.

Binary Option Robot sprung into action and placed 8 trades over multiple different currency pairs. 7 out of 8 trades were successful.


Getting brave since it was in demo mode, I decided to increase the trade amount to $100 and let her rip for another 8 trades.

All 8 trades won. Bringing the demo account up to $1656.50 in around 5 minutes.


To withdraw YOUR money earned with Option Robot depends on the broker you have chose, but most of broker uses "Wire transfer" to transfer your money to your bank accont in anywere in the world.

Another option widely used by operators is the Neteller prepaid credit card. this is a great option for those who don't want to pay taxes. The card has the Master Card flag and is accepted worldwide.

Other option to receive your money is asking the broker to transfer the money to your credit card which you use to fund your account.


Option Robot looks like a very good auto trade system. Probably one of the best looking I’ve seen for a long time. The main reason I don’t like using auto trade systems is the lack of control you have over your trades.

Option Robot offers more than the average trading platform, and seems to get good results if the demo mode is anything to go by.

Option Robot could be suitable for experienced traders and for the novice traders, but I still advise taking the time to understand what you are trading on and when you should be using auto trade.

Click in the Button below to get your $1000 free demo account, and see all this working with your eyes!