Trader´s Buddy Review

Traders Buddy is a new software for trading binary options which includes binary option signals, social trading, and an automated trading robot. Trader’s Buddy was release to the public in February 2017, and it will become the most popular trading system for binary options in 2017.

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At first glance, it really does look much different from anything I’ve seen so far. At least their promo website does. There are no fake videos of rich men claiming to share their knowledge played by actors, there are no wild promises of becoming a millionaire, and certainly, no guarantees and empty promises. This is the issue with most of the systems, and their dead giveaway. The moment you visit some of these websites you know they are a scam. In this case, you are greeted with information, direct, clean, and with minimal marketing and zero lies.


Trader’s Buddy works with many of the popular licensed binary option brokers. When you sign up for the service, you are automatically assigned a broker that is most suitable for someone in your country.

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Trader’s Buddy Features

Social Trading: The way social trading works is that you receive trading advice based on how many votes the community gives a trade idea.

Social trading, also known as peer-to-peer trading, has become something of a trend within the financial trading industry over the last few years. It is also TradersBuddy’s focal point; their social platform allows traders to ‘vote’, thereby sending a signal on a trade that can be either ‘put’ or ‘call’. According to how the majority of trades have voted, the trade will be executed as either ‘Put’ or ‘Call’. In this way, traders can make use of the market knowledge and experience of other traders.

In order to make informed trading decisions and vote responsibly, traders may make use of the 3 indicators displayed for each signal: EMA, RSI and MFI –  the higher the percentages for these indicators, the higher the chance of ‘Put’ being the winning position and the lower these values mean that ‘Call’ will probably be the correct prediction.

Semi Automatic Trading Signals: The system generates exclusive trading signals, alerting you of upcoming market trends, which are suppose to have a low risk, and high return.
TradersBuddy generates 2 kinds of signals; those that be traded immediately and those that are ‘pending’, which can only be traded when the broker gives the go ahead. Each signal includes the type of asset, the confidence factor, the broker’s name, the ‘trade before’ date as well as the direction (Put/Call). Once given the signal you will have to manually confirm it in order for the system to place your trade.

Auto Trading Robot: The automated trading robot takes the signals generated, and automatically makes the trade for you. You can configure setting like the amount to trade for each signal, along with a daily stop loss amount.

Unlike, signal trading above, fully automated trading means that the system will act as your financial advisor and place trades on your behalf without waiting for your approval. Of course, there is always the option to turn the auto trading feature on or off as you please, as well as to enable/disable it for a specific broker.

By customising your preferred settings before, such as daily budget and daily stop loss, as well as the types of assets you wish to trade and the amount set:

Option Types

Additionally, TradersBuddy provides its members with 3 distinct trading option methods to choose from, depending on their personal preferences and trading needs.

  • Rush options are short-term up to 120 seconds and deliver fast results and quick returns.
  • Basers are medium term options, with a 4-hour expiry rate, a perfect choice for day traders.
  • Lastly, Investo refers to long-term options for more conservative traders and can last for up to 3 days.

TradersBuddy – Good to Know

The Positions tab allows traders to view all open or closed trading positions, while the Connected Brokers tab lets you connect an existing account with a broker of your choice or even create a new one.

The News tab allows members to keep updated on all the latest industry news.

Traders are not required to download any extra software in order to access the TradersBuddy platform.

Customer Support Services

Trading can be a daunting experience, especially for beginners with little to no experience. Luckily, TradersBuddy offers 24/7 support to assist traders in times of need, both via email as well as live chat.

In fact, upon entering the site, the help desk window pops up on the bottom right of the screen, displaying a friendly message and asking if we required any assistance. We usually find this kind of approach to be a positive sign of an authentic service.

There are 2 email addresses provided; one for technical issues ([email protected]) and another for general support ([email protected]).

The only thing we found to be lacking is phone support, however, the swiftness of the live chat responses means that you probably won’t need it anyway.

Although the FAQ section could use some work, their extensive education centre provides a series of video tutorials offering detailed explanations on how each of the trading rooms work. It also offers several useful resources suitable for beginner and advanced traders alike, which will prove invaluable to improving your techniques.

The News Feed Menu show the market as a social network, so you can read all that people are saying in the market, just use $ hashtag to find the keyword or spread abroad yours ideas.

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Withdraw depends on the broker you have chose, but most of broker uses "Wire transfer" to transfer your money to your bank accont in anywere in the world.

Another option widely used by operators is the Neteller prepaid credit card. this is a great option for those who don't want to pay taxes. The card has the Master Card flag and is accepted worldwide.

Other option to receive your money is asking the broker to transfer the money to your credit card which you use to fund your account.

Conclusion – Traders Buddy is not a Scam

Traders Buddy software has not received complaints ever since it was launched. However, critics could argue that the app is yet to net many users who will eventually be displeased with its performance, and thus complaints will start to pour in. But on the other hand, we think this Traders Buddy scam rumors is false. Consider the fact that Traders Buddy app has received enough attention, thanks to the marketing efforts that have been employed by the operators of this project. It is virtually impossible to find only a handful of traders using this software as of now. It has been marketed well, and thus it’s popular. The reason why Traders Buddy review has not received any complaint yet is because it is so good that users are enjoying it rather than spreading falsehood.

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